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Surgery staff

On this page you will meet the staff of Joydens Wood Medical Centre. 

We have seven staff working at the surgery and one regular locum. Dr Arora is the 'single handed' GP assisted every monday morning by our lady GP locum Dr Jilani. We also have one Nurse supported by a healthcare assistant who provides a phlebotomy service twice a week.

Supporting the clinical staff, there are four receptionists, a medical secretary and a practice manager 

DR Ravi Arora - MBBS DTM&H

Dr Arora started the practice in 1985 with his wife who now runs a separate surgery. They  built  the practice from scratch and at present it has 2,300 patients, most of whom live local to the surgery. Dr Arora knows the majority of his patients very well and is a very flexible GP who is happy dealing with temporary illnesses or helping patients manage their long term conditions. Dr Arora will also administer vaccinations to children and adults. He has a special interest in elderly medicine, many of his older patients have been with him since the surgery opened. 

Image of Dr Arora

Dr Nausheen Jilani MRCGP 

Dr Arora is assisted twice each week by a very friendly and approachable female locum GP Dr Jilani. Dr Jilani joined the surgery in April 2012. She has an empathetic approach and is has an excellent relationship with her patients. She is particularly popular with female patients. Ladies (and of course men) seeking to discuss more personal matters can call and book appointments with Dr Jilani on a Monday or Friday morning.

Sarah Steadman and Jane Arnesen - The nursing team

We have a very friendly and helpful nursing team. 

Sarah is a very experienced, friendly nurse working with us on a short term basis. She can help our patients manage long term conditions such as asthma and diabetes. She will also vaccinate babies, vaccinate adults who are travelling to locations carrying disease risk, undertake smear tests, syringe ears, and carry out well woman and man health checks. This list is not exhaustive, please feel free to give us a call and discuss your requirements.

Jane Arnesen has been with the practice as a receptionist since 2006. In 2010 Jane trained and qualified as a healthcare assistant (HCA) and can now be seen both on reception and regularly in the Nurse treatment room where she carries out blood tests, coagulation tests, blood pressure checks and flu vaccinations. Jane will be taking ongoing training and aims to become an effective understudy for Alison.

Janice Kinnard - Medical secretary

Janice has also been with us since 2006. She is a knowledgeable and experienced administrator who is always prepared to help patients with paperwork and booking issues. She produces all the correspondence for the medical team and liaises with hospitals and specialists in respect of referrals and ongoing cases. Janice also works on insurance claim cases where patient's insurers seek medical records from us and proof of injuries or particular conditions.  

Image of Janis Kinnard

Trevor Chapman - Practice manager

Trevor joined the Practice in 2008. He previously had a career in human resources within the financial sector. He has endeavoured to ensure the practice provides a consistent, efficient and above all friendly service to its patients. Trevor manages every aspect of the practice operation and is always happy to be approached by patients seeking to solve difficult issues or where they may have a complaint about the surgery's service.

Image of Trevor Chapman

The reception team

The surgery has four receptionists, Jane, Kim, Sharon and Cath. The ladies are all fully trained and very experienced in medical reception work. They work four hour shifts and are all very committed to providing patients with as much help and support as possible. Our receptionists have a positive reputation and treat patients as they themselves would hope to be treated. They are all authorised Chaperones.